Seaton Sluice Today

Seaton Sluice is a small village, of approximately 4000 inhabitants, on the North East Coast of England, or more precisely, at the very Southernmost point of the Northumberland coast, bordered to the North by Blyth, and to the South by Whitley Bay.

The village is made up of what were the two entirely separate villages of Seaton Sluice and Hartley (or Old Hartley). They gradually grew together into one village, although many of the older inhabitants still consider them separate.

Although Seaton Sluice has had a lively past, the village now is, unless one happens to live there, simply a nice spot to visit when the weather is pleasant, to walk the dogs on the beach, to stroll around the harbour, or through Hollywell Dene, or to visit Delaval Hall and The Church of our Lady. There are a number of local businesses in the village, a Chemist, a beauty salon, a convenience store, a fish and chip shop, a tea shop, and more than a few watering holes!